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Grassfed Beef and Soil Health: Profit, Possibilities and Promise

By | Customer experiences, Forage, Grazing/ Animal Health, Soil Health, Soil Health Resource Guide

By Tim Goodnight • Pharo Cattle Company The Program: In early 2018, Tyson Foods approached Cactus Feeders about developing a grassfed beef program due to growing retail demand. Cactus quickly realized that to produce premium grassfed beef they were going to have to select the best genetics available, improve soil…

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By | Forage, Grazing/ Animal Health, Soil Health

Improving Pasture Health: Bring back Dung Beetles! By Brett Peshek Range and pasture land make up around 27% of all the acres in the lower 48 states. Typically in the Midwest, rangeland only exists because the topography is too steep or rough to farm.  It’s also safe to say that…

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Nitrate Poisoning

By | Forage, Resources

With high nitrate levels with condusive conditions most forages can have the potential to become toxic with nitrates. Some species are more prone to this issue than other. If you think you may have some excess nitrates in your field left over from a failed crop or over application, ALWAYS…

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Prussic Acid Poisoning

By | Forage, Grass, Resources

Here’s a more detailed explaination of prussic acid risk concerning varying warm season grasses. This information should be read by all forage producers and grazers alike, to make yourself aware. Prussic acid concern is greatly reduced in diverse mixtures as the cattle can delute out the toxin long enough until…

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